Each year the CSW Foundation awards grants to programs of the Cumberland County School System. Teachers, administrators, or other employees of the Cumberland County School System are eligible to apply for a grant. Grants are awarded on a year-by-year basis, and each grant request is evaluated by both a community of administrators for the Cumberland County School System (first) and the board of directors of the CSW Foundation.

Instructions for Grant Application:

1. Grants are accepted twice a year, from May 1st until June 1st and from November 1st until December 1st.

2. Download a copy of the Grant Application here. If you are unable to open this PDF document, you may get a paper copy of this application from the central office.

3. Using Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may fill out this application, or you may print a copy and fill it out by hand.

4. Please list your team/organization sponsor, with their contact phone number and email address.

5. Please list all of the funding sources and amounts that your team/organization receives.

6. Please provide a detailed narrative of what the grant money will be used for.

7. Once the Grant Application is complete please email a copy to woodr3@k12tn.net or bring a paper copy to the central office.

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