Donors to CSW Foundation
Brooker, Janet
Campbell, Dotti
Chadwell, Jack
Cumberland Co. Eye Care
Dalton, Mike
Dickerson, Will
Everett, Jim
First Nat.Bank of Tn.
Graham, Randal
Harrison, Rob
Highland Fed. Bank
Houston, Tom
Jacobson, Warren
Middle Tn. Gas
Nichols, Dr. Bob & Meg
Riede, Cynthia
Shaffer, Dan
Shanks, Doris
Stone, Cassandra & Josh
Threet, Benton & Joyce
Threet, Steve
Volunteer Electric
Wood, Miree
Wood, Robert & Barbara

Fall awards 2015
CCHS Baseball $300.
Cheer leading $500. Cross country $300.
SMHS Volleyball $750.
Baseball $1400.
Track &Field $1000. Bowling $750.
Spring awards 2016
Brown FCCLA $500
Crab Orchard Archery $500.
Homestead Jr. League cross country $500. Martin Jr. Beta club $500.
North NCE CHOIR $500.
Pine View Archery $500.
Pleasant Hill Yearbook $235.
Pleasant Hill Archery $265.
South Band $500.
Stone Elem Visual Art $500.

Fall awards 2016
Stone Elem. Archery Team $300
South Elem. Jr. BETA Club  $300
Pleasant Hill Elem. (SWPBS)  $300
Schoolwide Positive Behavioral Support $150
Pleasant Hill Elem. Band $150
Pine View Cross Country $150
North Elem. Nature Club $150
North Elem. Fitness Club $150
Martin Elem. Junior Cross Country Team  $300
Homestead Elem. Band  $300
Crab Orchard Band  $300
Brown Elem, JV Cheer $150
CCHS Softball Team $500
CCHS Bowling Team $500
SMHS Cross Country Boys/Girls $500
SMHS Panther Tales Drama Club $500
Cumberland County Middle·School Softball $450

Spring awards 2017
Brown Chess (Bailey) $220
Crab Orchard Kindergarten (Reed) $280
Homestead Cheerleaders (Updike) $250
Martin RTI Wobble Chairs (Wright/Chappell) $200
Martin Vocabulary Materials (Wright/Chappell) $100
North 3rd Grade Exercise (Helton) $300
Pine View Chess Team (Martin) $200
Pleasant Hill Spanish Club (Nelson) $200
Pleasant Hill Cross Country (Delorenzo) $100
South Music (Babich) $150
South Kindergarten (Taylor) $200
Stone Elem.  Music/Band/Choir (Marsee) $300
CCHS Track (Bowen, Allen) $425
CCHS Cross Country (Shoemaker) $425
SMHS Chorus (Saldana) $425
SMHS Chemistry I Class (St.Onge) $425
Phoenix Student Council (Smith) $350
County Wide Elementary Golf (Herring) $450