Donors to CSW Foundation
Brooker, Janet
Campbell, Dotti
Chadwell, Jack
Cumberland Co. Eye Care
Dalton, Mike
Dickerson, Will
Everett, Jim
First Nat.Bank of Tn.
Graham, Randal
Harrison, Rob
Highland Fed. Bank
Houston, Tom
Jacobson, Warren
Middle Tn. Gas
Nichols, Dr. Bob & Meg
Riede, Cynthia
Shaffer, Dan
Shanks, Doris
Stone, Cassandra & Josh
Threet, Benton & Joyce
Threet, Steve
Volunteer Electric
Wood, Miree
Wood, Robert & Barbara

Fall awards 2015 Total Awarded $5,000.00
CCHS Baseball $300.
Cheer leading $500.
Cross country $300.
SMHS Volleyball $750.
Baseball $1400.
Track &Field $1000.
Bowling $750.
Spring awards 2016 Total Awarded $4,500.00
Brown FCCLA $500
Crab Orchard Archery $500.
Homestead Jr. League cross country $500.
Martin Jr. Beta club $500.
North NCE CHOIR $500.
Pine View Archery $500.
Pleasant Hill Yearbook $235.
Pleasant Hill Archery $265.
South Band $500.
Stone Elem Visual Art $500.

Fall awards 2016 Total Awarded $5,150.00
Stone Elem. Archery Team $300
South Elem. Jr. BETA Club  $300
Pleasant Hill Elem. (SWPBS)  $300
Schoolwide Positive Behavioral Support $150
Pleasant Hill Elem. Band $150
Pine View Cross Country $150
North Elem. Nature Club $150
North Elem. Fitness Club $150
Martin Elem. Junior Cross Country Team  $300
Homestead Elem. Band  $300
Crab Orchard Band  $300
Brown Elem, JV Cheer $150
CCHS Softball Team $500
CCHS Bowling Team $500
SMHS Cross Country Boys/Girls $500
SMHS Panther Tales Drama Club $500
Cumberland County Middle·School Softball $450

Spring awards 2017 Total Awarded $5,000.00
Brown Chess (Bailey) $220
Crab Orchard Kindergarten (Reed) $280
Homestead Cheerleaders (Updike) $250
Martin RTI Wobble Chairs (Wright/Chappell) $200
Martin Vocabulary Materials (Wright/Chappell) $100
North 3rd Grade Exercise (Helton) $300
Pine View Chess Team (Martin) $200
Pleasant Hill Spanish Club (Nelson) $200
Pleasant Hill Cross Country (Delorenzo) $100
South Music (Babich) $150
South Kindergarten (Taylor) $200
Stone Elem.  Music/Band/Choir (Marsee) $300
CCHS Track (Bowen, Allen) $425
CCHS Cross Country (Shoemaker) $425
SMHS Chorus (Saldana) $425
SMHS Chemistry I Class (St.Onge) $425
Phoenix Student Council (Smith) $350
County Wide Elementary Golf (Herring) $450

Fall awards – August 23, 2018 Total Awarded $5,000.00
Brown Elementary (7th & 8th Math Class)  $250
Crab Orchard Elementary (First Grade Class) $250
Homestead Elementary  (Chess Club) $250
MartinElementary  (JV & Varsity Basketball) $250
North Elementary  (House of Character – PBS) $250
Pine View Elementary  (Jr. Beta Club) $200
Pleasant Hill Elementary  (3rd Grade Class) $250
SouthElementary (Varsity Cheer) $250
Stone Elementary (Positive Behavior Support) $250
CCHS (Theatre Arts I and II) $300
CCHS (Chess Club) $150
CCHS (Freshman Academy) $300
SMHS (ELA Common Ground) $300
SMHS (Dance Team) $150
SMHS (Bowling Team) $300
Phoenix (Media Center) $300
SMHS (Dual Enrollment Funds) $500
CCHS (Dual Enrollment Funds) $500

Spring awards – January 24, 2019 Total Awarded $7,800.00
Brown Elementary (Battle of the Books) $500
Crab Orchard Elementary (3rd Grade Classes) $200
Crab Orchard Elementary (P.E. Classes) $200
Homestead Elementary (P.E. Classes) $250
Homestead Elementary (J.V. and Varsity Cheer) $300
Martin Elementary (School-wide Positive Behavior) $250
Martin Elementary (RTI 1st Grade) $150
Martin Elementary (RTI 2nd Grade) $150
North Cumberland Elementary (Chess Club) $250
North Cumberland Elementary (P.E. Classes) $300
Pine View Elementary (School-wide Positive Behavior) $500
Pleasant Hill Elementary (ESL Classroom) $250
Pleasant Hill Elementary (Library) $300
South Cumberland Elementary (Music Classes) $500
Stone Elementary (Band) $500
CCHS ( Dual Credit) $500
CCHS (Boys/Girls Track Team) $500
CCHS (Wrestling) $400
SMHS (Chorus) $500
SMHS (Chinese Foreign Lang. Class) $250
SMHS  (RTI Program) $250
SMHS (Food Pantry) $400
Phoenix High School (Transition Academy) $200
South  (host of Middle School Golf) Golf Program $200

Fall awards – August 22, 2019 Total Awarded $9,600.00
Brown Elementary (After School Program) $500.00
Crab Orchard Elementary (Science Department) $300.00
Crab Orchard Elementary (Junior Beta Club) $300.00
Homestead Elementary (Band)$300.00
Homestead Elementary (Archery Club/Team) $300.00
Martin Elementary (Music Department) $300.00
Martin Elementary (Kindergarten) $300.00
North Elementary (Light On After School) $300.00
North Elementary (Music Department) $300.00
Pine View Elementary (PBS) $200.00
Pine View Elementary (Junior Beta Club) $200.00
Pleasant Hill Elementary (4th Grade Class – Dixon) $300.00
Pleasant Hill Elementary (Boys Basketball) $300.00
South Elementary (3rd Grade Class – Ferguson) $260.00
Stone Elementary (Family & Friends Connections) $300.00
Stone Elementary (PBS) $300.00
CCHS (Cheerleading) $300.00
CCHS (Lady Jet Volleyball) $300.00
CCHS (HOSA) $500.00
CCHS (Jet Theatrix Drama Club) $250.00
CCHS  (Dual Enrollment Fund) $500.00
CCHS   (French Club) $250.00
SMHS  ( FCCLA) $500.00
SMHS  (Future Business Leaders) $250.00
SMHS  (History Club) $100.00
SMHS  (Science Department) $500.00
SMHS  (Beta Club) $500.00
SMHS (Chess Club) $200.00
SMHS (Food Pantry) $90.00
Phoenix School (PBS) $300.00
Phoenix School (Student Council) $300.00

Spring awards – February 27, 2020 Total Awarded $10,800.00
Brown Elementary (6th Grade Math) $500
Crab Orchard Elementary (Physical Education) $300
Homestead Elementary (Archery Team) $500
Martin Elementary (Student Council) $200
Martin Elementary (First Grade Team) $200
Martin Elementary (Positive Behavior Support Team) $400
North Cumberland Elementary (Sunshine Committee) $300
North Cumberland Elementary (Physical Education) $250
Pine View Elementary (Boys Basketball) $200
Pine View Elementary (Girls Basketball) $200
Pine View Elementary (Cross Country) $200
Pleasant Hill Elementary (PreK Diane Savage) $250
Pleasant Hill Elementary (Positive Behavior Support Team) $400
Pleasant Hill Elementary (4th Grade Class – T.Dixon) $200
South Cumberland Elementary (Cross Country) $200
South Cumberland Elementary  (SCES Music) $300
Stone Elementary (BETA Club) $500
CCHS (EPSO/Dual Credit Fund) $500
CCHS (FBLA) $500
CCHS  (AP U.S. History) $250
CCHS (Track Team) $325
CCHS (Wrestling) $325
CCHS (Cheerleading) $325
CCHS  (Softball) $325
SMHS (FBLA) $200
SMHS (Oasis:  Second Chances Club) $300
SMHS (Golf Team) $400
SMHS (Wrestling) $500
SMHS (ACT Incentive) $300
SMHS (Chorus) $500
Phoenix High School (Attendance Perks) $250
Phoenix High School (Transition Academy) $200
Middle School – CCHS Account (Softball) $250
Middle School – South Account (Boys and Girls Golf) $250

Fall awards – August 27, 2020 Total Awarded $9,910.00
Brown Elementary (Library) $300.00
Brown Elementary (Library – different project) $325.00
Crab Orchard Elementary (Miss Gail’s Kindergarten) $345.00
Crab Orchard Elementary (Ashley Corbin’s Class) $160.00
Crab Orchard Elementary (School Wide Positive) $160.00
Crab Orchard Elementary (5th Grade Team) $160.00
Crab Orchard Elementary  (Erin Jackson Class) $160.00
Homestead Elementary (P. E. Class) $400.00
Martin Elementary (2nd Grade) $300.00
Martin Elementary (Laura Brown’s 1st grade) $100.00
Martin Elementary (Blake Barnett’s – Kindergarten) $100.00
Martin Elementary (Student Council) $125.00
North Cumberland Elem. (Special Areas) $250.00
North Cumberland Elem. (Student Council) $375.00
Pine View Elementary (Cross Country) $150.00
Pine View Elementary (School Wide Positive) $150.00
Pine View Elementary (VIP Attendance) $325.00
Pleasant Hill Elementary (Library) $300.00
Pleasant Hill Elementary (Battle of the Books) $325.00
Stone Elementary (Student Council) $500.00
SMHS (Chorus) $500.00
SMHS (Food Pantry) $500.00
SMHS (National History Day) $200.00
SMHS (FCCLA) $150.00
SMHS (Health Science Classes) $150.00
SMHS (Automotive Skills USA) $150.00
SMHS (HOSA) $150.00
SMHS  (Future Business Leaders) $150.00
SMHS  (Criminal Justice Clu) $150.00
SMHS  (Criminal Justice Skills) $150.00
CCHS  (Girls Soccer) $500.00
CCHS (Football Team) $500.00
CCHS  (Cheerleading) $500.00
CCHS  (Chess Club) $250.00
CCHS  (Biology) $400.00
Phoenix (Attendance Perks) $200.00
Phoenix (Media Center) $300.00

Spring awards – January 28, 2021  Total Awarded $11,329.00
Brown Elementary (Physical Education Dept.) $500.00
Crab Orchard Elementary (Ashley Reagan’s Class) $124.00
Crab Orchard Elementary (Nursing/School Health) $500.00
Homestead Elementary (Band/Choir/Music Classes) $500.00
Martin Elementary (RTI Classes) $500.00
Martin Elementary (Rosie Davis – 2nd grade) $100.00
North Elementary (Physical Education Dept.) $500.00
North Elementary (7th grade ELA) $140.00
Pine View Elementary (Physical Education Dept.) $500.00
Pleasant Hill Elementary (Band) $500.00
Pleasant Hill Elementary (Mrs. Dixon’s Class) $100.00
Pleasant Hill Elementary (Mrs. Amanda’s Class) $100.00
Pleasant Hill Elementary (Mrs. Pam’s Class) $100.00
South Elementary  (Library) $500.00
Stone Elementary (Mrs. Davis’ 1st grade) $200.00
Stone Elementary (RTI Classes) $500.00
SMHS (Basketball Cheerleaders) $600.00
SMHS (Food Pantry) $815.00
SMHS (RTI) $1100.00
CCHS (Softball Tea) $300.00
CCHS (Track and Field Team) $300.00
CCHS (Boys Soccer Team) $300.00
CCHS (Nursing/Health Science Class) $300.00
CCHS (Theatre 2 Class) $300.00
CCHS  (French Classes) $300.00
CCHS  (Freshman Academy) $300.00
CCHS (Dual Enrollment Funds) $500.00
CCHS (Piano Classes) $250.00
Phoenix (Attendance Perks) $200.00
Phoenix (Media Center) $200.00
Phoenix (The Transition Academy) $200.00

Fall awards – August 26, 2021 Total Awarded $14,420.00
Brown Elementary (Physical Education Dept.) $300
Brown Elementary (Book Club) $300
Brown Elementary (BETA Club) $300
Crab Orchard Elementary (2nd Grade/CKLA Reading) $200
Crab Orchard Elementary (6th Grade Science Class) $200
Crab Orchard Elementary (Music Class/Instrument) $200
Crab Orchard Elementary (Archery Team/PE Class) $200
Crab Orchard Elementary (4th Grade STEM Activities) $200
Homestead Elementary (Scrabble Club) $340
Homestead Elementary (STEM Club) $340
Homestead Elementary (Book/Writer’s Club) $340
Martin Elementary (2nd Grade Inclusion Class) $200
Martin Elementary (JV Cheer) $400
Martin Elementary (Student Council) $400
Pine View Elementary (Jr. BETA Club) $300
Pine View Elementary (JV & Varsity Cheer) $300
Pine View Elementary (Positive Behavior) $200
Pleasant Hill Elementary (Girls’ Basketball) $450
Pleasant Hill Elementary (Yearbook) $300
Pleasant Hill Elementary (3rd Grade Classroom) $50
South Cumberland Elementary (JV Girls’ Basketball) $500
South Cumberland Elementary (Positive Behavior) $500
Stone Elementary (Middle School Cheer) $800
SMHS (Culinary Dept) $300
SMHS (Food Pantry) $500
SMHS (Football Cheer) $250
SMHS (Wrestling Team) $1000
SMHS (Incentive Program) $500
SMHS (National History Day Club) $150
CCHS (Bowling Team) $400
CCHS (AP US History) $400
CCHS (Jet Theatrix/Drama Club) $400
CCHS (French Club) $200
CCHS (Wrestling Team) $500
CCHS (Football Team) $500
CCHS (Lady Jets Softball) $500
CCHS (Dual Enrollment Funds) $700
CCHS (Positive Behavior) $300

Spring awards – January 27, 2022 Total Awarded $14,500.00
Brown Elementary (Beta Club) $500.00
Homestead Elementary (Physical Education Department) $400.00
Homestead Elementary (Chess Club) $300.00
Martin Elementary (Chess Club) $300.00
Martin Elementary (Special Education Department) $180.00
North Cumberland Elementary (Physical Education Department) $300.00
North Cumberland Elementary (8th Grade Year End Trip) $653.00
Pine View Elementary (Renaissance Literacy Initiative) $200.00
Pine View Elementary (Varsity/JV Cross Country) $200.00
Pine View Elementary (5th-8th Grade Band) $700.00
Pine View Elementary (PTO) $330.00
Pleasant Hill Elementary (7th/8th Book Clubs) $500.00
South Cumberland Elementary (Student Council) $500.00
South Cumberland Elementary (Beta Club) $500.00
Stone Elementary (Schoolwide Positive Behavior) $250.00
Stone Elementary (Band) $800.00
Stone Elementary (Cross Country) $300.00
Cumberland County High School (Reading Club) $400.00
Cumberland County High School (County Wide Middle School Golf) $400.00
Cumberland County High School (Track & Field) $500.00
Cumberland County High School (Jet Theatrix) $1000.00
Cumberland County High School (French Club) $150.00
Cumberland County High School (School Counseling Department) $500.00
Cumberland County High School (Jets Baseball) $500.00
Cumberland County High School (Freshman Academy) $300.00
Cumberland County High School (Schoolwide Positive Behavior) $400.00
Cumberland County High School (Jets Boys Soccer) $500.00
Phoenix High School (Small Animal Science) $700.00
Phoenix High School (Attendance Reward Program) $440.00
Phoenix High School (Student Council) $150.00
Phoenix High School (Media Center) $150.00
Stone Memorial High School (Band) $1500.00
Stone Memorial High School (Volleyball) $500.00
Stone Memorial High School (Audio Visual Club) $300.00
Stone Memorial High School (Beta Club) $300.00
Stone Memorial High School (FBLA) $200.00
Stone Memorial High School (Art Club) $300.00
Stone Memorial High School (Special Education Department) $300.00
Stone Memorial High School (Food Pantry) $700.00
Stone Memorial High School (CTE Student of the Month) $300.00
Stone Memorial High School (National History Day Club) $100.00

Fall awards – August 25, 2022 Total Awarded $15,755

Brown Elementary (Millionaire and Top Readers) $250.00
Brown Elementary (5th Grade Science & SS Class) $250.00
Brown Elementary (5th Grade ELA) $330.00
Crab Orchard Elementary (PE Class) $330.00
Crab Orchard Elementary (4th Grade Class) $300.00
Crab Orchard Elementary (5th Grade Class) $100.00
Crab Orchard Elementary (5th Grade ELA/SS Class) $100.00
Homestead Elementary (STEM Club) $280.00
Homestead Elementary (Archery Team) $280.00
Homestead Elementary (Music Class) $280.00
Martin Elementary (2nd Grade Class) $265.00
Martin Elementary (Chess Club) $200.00
Martin Elementary (JV Cheer) $330.00
North Elementary (Library) $500.00
North Elementary (5th Grade Math/Science Class) $297.00
Pine View Elementary (BETA Club) $200.00
Pine View Elementary (PE Class) $300.00
Pine View Elementary (7th/8th Grade Math/Science) $330.00
South Cumberland Elementary (Boys MS Soccer) $400.00
South Cumberland Elementary (Library) $300.00
South Cumberland Elementary (BETA Club) $200.00
South Cumberland Elementary (Band) $300.00
Stone Elementary (Girls MS Soccer) $400.00
Stone Elementary (BETA Club) $200.00
CCHS (Band) $500.00
CCHS (Cheer Team) $300.00
CCHS (Lady Jet Soccer) $400.00
CCHS (History/Honor’s Government Classes) $150.00
CCHS (School Counselor’s) $700.00
CCHS (HOSA) $400.00
CCHS (Wrestling) $400.00
CCHS (Bowling Team) $400.00
CCHS (French Club) $200.00
CCHS (Jet Theatrix) $400.00
Phoenix (Yearbook) $133.00
Phoenix (PE) $300.00
Phoenix (Small Animal Care) $200.00
Phoenix (Positive Behavior) $200.00
SMHS (Bowling Team) $300.00
SMHS (Art Club) $400.00
SMHS (ELA/Math/RTI Geometry) $250.00
SMHS (Soccer Boosters) $400.00
SMHS (FCCLA) $500.00
SMHS (Theatre) $400.00
SMHS (Science Dept.) $300.00
SMHS (Chorus) $400.00
SMHS (FBLA) $250.00
SMHS (BETA Club) $250.00
SMHS (Panther Pack) $500.00
SMHS (Volleyball Team) $400.00

Spring Awards – January 26, 2023 Total Awarded $17,700

Brown Elementary Kasi Lewis 5th grade ELA $250
Brown Elementary Miranda Sims 5th grace Science/SS class $675
Crab Orchard Elementary Jessica Marsee Music/Band/Choir $300
Crab Orchard Elementary Lindsay Armes 5th grade Science Class $300
Crab Orchard Elementary Lindsay Armes BETA Club $500
Homestead Elementary Wadlington/Conner SWPBS $200
Homestead Elementary Lauren Mathews PE $200
Homestead Elementary Jacqueline Smith 8th grade ELA/SS $500
Homestead Elementary Wendy Bridges STEAM Club $200
Martin Elementary Kristina Turner ESL Fam. Literacy Night $400
Pine View Elementary Tina Niles 5th/6th grade ELA $263.56
Pine View Elementary Tina Niles JV/V Boys/Girls Basketball $400
Pine View Elementary Heather Jones JV/V Cross Country $500
South Cumberland Mario Laborde Band $200
South Cumberland Sarah Pharris Library/AR Millionaire Club $400
South Cumberland Tiffany Brewer BETA Club $500
Stone Elementary Kristin Lopez Band $1137
Stone Elementary Sheri Sather ESL Fam. Literacy Night $200
Stone Elementary Shannon Brown Art/Visual Arts $250
Stone Elementary Davis/Smith PBS $250
Stone Elementary Grenz/Gibson Cross Country $250
Stone Elementary Blaze Dishman PE $250
CCHS Daniel Rickman Graphic Arts/Design Club $500
CCHS Carla Pratt FBLA $500
CCHS Anna Pickard Freshman Academy $300
CCHS Bekki Atkinson Reader Volunteer Club $400
CCHS Stuard Bowen Track & Field $500
CCHS Randy Herring Golf Teams $500
SMHS Williams/Phillips Food Pantry $500
SMHS Annalee Dunbar Pharmacology Class $1125
SMHS Eleni Fragopoulos Theatre Club $1000
SMHS Brittany Bilbrey Craft Club $250
SMHS Kidwell/Hicks/Miller Counselors $500
SMHS Kylee Johnson Class of 2024 $750

Fall Awards – August 24, 2023 Total Awarded $17,240.00

Brown Elementary Hannah Vanwinkle Book Club $225
Brown Elementary Aaron Marsee Band    $400
Brown Elementary Katie Morgan 5th Grade Math $225
Crab Orchard Elementary April Shelton 6th Grade Math and Science $200
Crab Orchard Elementary Cindy Miniard Archery/PE      $200
Crab Orchard Elementary Michelle Pettus 4th Grade   $250
Crab Orchard Elementary Nakesha Matthews Art $200
Homestead Elementary Lauren Mathews PE $300
Homestead Elementary Camille Conner/

Kayla Wadlington

SWPBS $500
Homestead Elementary Camille Conner/

Sue Alva

Pre-K   $50
Glen Martin Elementary  Melissa Buffkin 2nd Grade $200
Glen Martin Elementary  Rosie Davis 2nd Grade  $400
North Cumberland Elementary  Kayla Patterson 5th Grade Math     $240
North Cumberland Elementary  Cathryn Clark/

Julia Timson

Lego League $370
North Cumberland Elementary  Lilian Trivett 7th & 8th Grade ELA $240
Pine View Elementary  Teresa Cowley Art Club $250
Pine View Elementary  Ashley Corbin 6th-8th Grade Math            $100
Pine View Elementary  Ashley Corbin/

Teresa Cowley

Jr BETA $250
Pine View Elementary  Ashley Corbin Graphic Arts    $250
Pleasant Hill Elementary  Jennifer Barnwell Event Prep Club          $200
Pleasant Hill Elementary  Chasity Bohannon/

Tammy Phillips

Student Council $200
Pleasant Hill Elementary  Chasity Bohannon/

Tammy Phillips/Shaun Brown

5th Grade $200
Pleasant Hill Elementary  Amanda Mullinix Kindergarten $250
South Cumberland Elementary  Julie Wyatt BETA $250
South Cumberland Elementary  Tiffany Pimentel/

Vickie Wyatt

Kindness Club $200
South Cumberland Elementary  Sarah Pharris Library $200
South Cumberland Elementary  Jamie White  SWPBS $200
Stone Elementary  Robert Sparks Cross Country $150
Stone Elementary  Michelle Wilson BETA    $250
Stone Elementary  Macey Flatt Counseling Program $350
Stone Elementary  Kasey Smith/Jen Davis PBS $100
Cumberland County High School Carla Pratt FBLA    $400
Cumberland County High School Mike DiBiccaro Honors Gov/History $400
Cumberland County High School Angela Robbins French Club     $405
Cumberland County High School Angela Robbins Jet Theatrix $400
Cumberland County High School Daniel Rickman Bowling $400
Cumberland County High School Brenda Hall Student Council          $250
Cumberland County High School Laura Gilpin/

Skye Thomason

HOSA $400
Cumberland County High School Darcy Phipps/

Emmy McCoy

SWPBS $400
Cumberland County High School Bruce Johnson Band $460
Cumberland County High School Daisy Filler BETA $300
Cumberland County High School Daisy Filler Cheer $420
Stone Memorial High School  Annalee Dunbar/

Nicole McKie

HOSA   $300
The Phoenix School Sherry Smith Student Council $212.50
The Phoenix School George Kington Transition Academy $212.50
The Phoenix School Erin Norrod SWPBS $212.50
The Phoenix School Erin Norrod Guidance         $212.50
Stone Memorial High School  Annalee Dunbar/

Nicole McKie

HOSA   $300
Stone Memorial High School  April Moore/Carol Smith/Brittany Bilbrey Panther Pack $300
Stone Memorial High School  Tonia Wyatt Student Council          $300
Stone Memorial High School  Ethan Tipton Band $300
Stone Memorial High School  Brian Parker Boys/Girls Wrestling   $250
Stone Memorial High School  Brittany Bilbrey Craft Club $300
Stone Memorial High School  Kylee Johnson/John Long/Chris Bennett Skills USA $300
Stone Memorial High School  Carol Smith FBLA $300
Stone Memorial High School  Brent Hunter Mycology Club $300
Stone Memorial High School  Anna Bryant/

Carol Smith

BETA $300
Stone Memorial High School  Tristessa Luetkemeyer Bowling           $300
Stone Memorial High School  Rachel Martin/

Kenny Martin

Book Club $300
Stone Memorial High School  Chelsea Phillips Food Pantry    $385
Stone Memorial High School  Micah Grenz Boys Soccer $300
Mixed (SMHS/CCHS) Amanda Anderson (SMHS)/Roger Dixon(CCHS) ESL Pen Pal Writing Club $220